In The Field

A cricket field is a large area to defend with only nine outfield players (excluding the bowler and wicket keeper). Fielding positions have some great names which are explained in that section of the handbook - try and learn the common ones and get used to using them. Concentration and awareness are vitally important to successful fielding.

Good fielders are not born that way - they become good by practising. There are lots of throwing, stopping and catching drills that we will use to help you to become confident and safe fielders.

The biggest barrier juniors face is a fear of the hard ball. Juniors often think a cricket ball will hurt if they stop it with their hands which is why you see so many trying to stop it with their feet. A cricket ball that bobbles on the outfield and hits your ankle or flicks up off the foot and hits you in the face or under the chin is an extremely painful injury. Much better to use your hands where you can control the impact and get your body behind the ball.