Bowling - Advanced

This section covers some more advanced techniques, including four new deliveries to try.

You will also learn how to trick the batsmen by varying the pace, flight and length of the ball.

Great bowlers work hard at their craft. They have a number of deliveries in their armoury that they use in particular situations. A certain ball for a left hander, a variety of changes in pace, length and flight depending on the pitch, the weather and even the batsmen's score.

Batsmen are always more wary in the following situations:

  • Facing the first ball of their innings
  • Still to get off the mark (yet to score any runs)
  • Approaching a landmark score (such as 50 or 100)
  • In the last over before a break or close of play
  • Sent in as a 'night watchman'

As a bowler you can exploit these situations to take more wickets so be aware of them when you play.

Varying your attack is an essential part of bowling well. If your bowling is predictable, batsmen will start to 'read' you and will begin to score heavily. Your job is to keep them guessing what you might do next!

But before you race out to the nets to try your hand at bowling inswingers and off

cutters - you need to get the basics right first. Consistent line and length are the foundations for a good and varied bowling attack.

You cannot progress without a good foundation - so get these right to start with!

All of the deliveries described in this section are variations on the basic bowling technique. They take a great deal of practice to perfect them but they are worth the effort once you have developed a consistent line, length and pace of bowling. They are used by bowlers to mix up their deliveries and keep the batsman guessing about what the ball will do. The more variety you can build into your bowling the more the uncertain the batsman will be when facing you.

Don’t be too disappointed if you find you can’t bowl the perfect inswinger or off cutter the first time you try, remember that practice makes perfect so don’t try it for the first time ever in a match.