Batting - Advanced

This section covers some more advanced techniques, including six new shots to try.

You will also learn how to work the ball into the gaps in order to increase your scoring.

Some of these shots take a lot of practice to get right, try to think about the shots you play in a match and assess which is your strongest and weakest shot. For example do you play better leg side or side shots, are you stronger off the back foot or the front foot? Most junior players are strongest playing either front foot drives or pull shots on the leg side. Coaches will help you work on your weaknessess to improve your all round ability with the bat.

But before you race out to the nets to try your hand at square cuts and leg glances - you need to get the basics right first.

  • Grip and stance
  • Backlift and step
  • The right size and weight of bat
  • Playing straight