Welcome to the Chance to Shine Schools Web site

Aldershot Cricket Club has been involved in developing cricket in schools for over 20 years and this year celebrates the 22nd anniversary of our Juniors School Kwik Cricket Festival which has become a highlight of the Aldershot schools calendar.

For the last five years we have been involved in the national Chance to Shine scheme providing curriculum time coaching and inter and intra school competitions for both Secondary and Primary schools in the Aldershot and Farnborough area.

Connaught, Ash Manor, All Hallows and Wavell have been the main secondary schools recipients whilst all the Junior Schools in Aldershot, Beaumont, Newport, Park, St Michaels, St Josephs and Talavera plus Walsh in Ash have been involved in the junior school programme.

In addition to providing 1500 hours of free coaching time we have run year 6, 7 and 8 league competitions every year and arranged for £7500.00 Non Turf pitches to be provided free of charge to Wavell, and Connaught with another on the way at All Hallows.

Playground markings were also provided free to most of the Junior Schools. Now in 2011 we have introduced a new Colts section website which has all sorts of information, tips and advice on the game of cricket which is available to all youngsters playing in the Chance to Shine competitions as well as Club members.

We will be publishing the results and league tables from the 3 league competitions so players and teachers can keep abreast of how their school is doing.

Link to the Chance to Shine Website.