Do you dread the moment that all your team mates shout ‘CATCH IT’ when the ball balloons up in to the air and you are the nearest fielder?

If so you are not alone.

Lots of junior cricketers have difficulty catching the ball but - like everything else in cricket - it comes down to basic technique, concentration and practice.

After all - a cricket ball is hard and if you try and catch it you will get hurt won’t you?

Well - yes and no. Retired South African fielding legend, Jonty Rhodes, offers some good advice to junior cricketers:

“Plenty of young cricketers are scared of being hit by a cricket ball. Yes the ball is hard, but if you're tense out in the field, worrying about whether you're going to get hit by a flying red ball, you're going to get yourself hurt.”

Jonty advises you to think positively:

“I'm not worried about what the cricket ball's going to do to me, I'm more concerned with what I'm going to do with the cricket ball!”

That attitude helped him to take some truly memorable catches - like this one against England:

While we don’t expect you to take catches like that! We want to improve your catching consistency and lots of catches in junior cricket are actually quite straightforward.

The following skill drills will show you the techniques for close, flat and high catching, how to practise for improvement and how to increase your chances of being the hero of the hour when you take that vital catch to clinch victory for your team.


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