Welcome to Aldershot Cricket Club

This club Youth Section website is for our junior members to help them as players and you as parents get the most out of the club.

As well as useful information about how the coaching is run and some of the dos and don’ts, we have also included some ‘skill drills’ which are designed to help develop skills and explain some of the unusual terms and rules found in cricket.

Note that, for simplicity, the generic term ‘batsman’ is used throughout the Youth Section website and this term should be applied to both male and female players.

We appreciate the support of parents in maintaining a vibrant junior section and we will do our best to ensure that your child enjoys the forthcoming season with us.

We have now added a schools section so please can you follow this link : School Info and the new Club News and Social Events Sections.

If you have any concerns or queries, or if you are interested in helping in the running of the club, please talk either to me or to one of the coaches directly.

Coach Contacts

Pete Harris 

ACC Chairman